10 Reasons to Love Riding in Your Hometown

Admit it: On some level, you resent your hometown. Whether it’s a big city or barely on the map, it feels claustrophobic, and you believe every other place to be more desirable. Live in the Southeast? You probably dream of British Columbia. Live in B.C.? You probably wish it didn’t rain so damn much (and that there weren’t so many damn amateurs grabbing fistfuls of brake down A-Line). Live in Minneapolis? You’re right. That stinks, and I can’t help you.

Regardless, your hometown deserves better than you give it. Because when you venture out into the big wide world, you learn that you can no longer count on the shop finishing up your bike by Friday at 5 p.m. And when you sit inside on a Saturday that should have been spent riding, you’ll (deservedly) feel more than a little homesick.

So here are 10 reasons to embrace the old homeplace. If you need more than that, I definitely can’t help you.    

  1. Riding from your house.
  2. The LBS gives you better deals than most low-level “sponsored” privateers.
  3. Getting lost on an unfamiliar road is a privilege, not an inconvenience.
  4. You always know the guy who snagged your Strava KOM.
  5. You can practice the best lines on a trail — over and over — without feeling guilty for wasting ride time (or a pricey lift pass).
  6. ^ That line? You and your friends helped build it.
  7. You had to learn the difference between a mattock and a Pulaski the hard way. (No need to be a jerk about it now.)
  8. The coffee shops and bars don’t bat an eye when you show up in costume.
  9. Your relatives think you’re famous because you’ve been interviewed for every local news story about cycling in the last six years.
  10. You recognize fellow rouleurs by their bikes, rather than the cars they’re mounted on.

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